About Us

Empowering Home Care Agencies

AidQuest is a human-powered chat solution that has been designed for the home healthcare industry. Our streamlined solution simplifies your agency’s lead generation efforts – helping your agency engage with clients and caregivers in the most cost-effective way possible.

Securing a steady stream of new clients and caregivers means you can focus on building other aspects of your agency, fueling your agency’s growth.

How does finding new clients help your agency?

Home care is a chicken-and-egg kind of a business. You need to keep attracting clients to match with your agency’s caregivers, while simultaneously recruiting caregivers so you’re ready to take on new clients. Without clients, caregivers will find work with other agencies. Without caregivers, you’ll struggle to land customers. This process can go back and forth … it’s difficult finding the right balance. And missing out on a client can result in tens of thousands of dollars in lost revenue for your home care agency – converting visitors into potential clients and caregivers can have a very high value. AidQuest enhances your website’s lead engagement process, helping your agency convert visitors into leads in a matter of minutes.