Human powered 24/7 Live Chat for forward-thinking home care agencies.

More caregivers, more clients, and more revenue.

AidQuest is the only staffed chat platform designed to convert your home care agency website visitors to employees and clients.

“I have been using AidQuest live chat for about 7 months and must say that I am extremely pleased. The chat agents (known as Visiting Angels of Cleveland Ambassadors) are personable and always available 24/7. I have received feedback from both potential clients and employees who have gone to my website, and are happy to not have to chat with a “bot”. AidQuest has been able to personalize the questions to what my office needs to know prior to making a follow-up call. I would definitely recommend them to other offices considering their service.

Constance Hill-Johnson, MPA
Managing Director, Visiting Angels of Cleveland

More Caregivers + More Clients = More Revenue

With our HIPAA compliant chat platform, your agency is ON-24/7. AidQuest is the only human powered chat solution with agents who are specifically trained to handle home care agency needs.

We deliver results.

“The AidQuest leads are much more qualified than a typical internet lead. We make contact with the leads 100% of the time. The leads that engage with AidQuest live chat also have a much higher close rate than a typical internet lead.”

Ken Nicholas
CEO, Senior Helpers Bergen County, NJ




8 seconds goes really fast!

Studies show you have about 8 seconds to capture someone’s attention when they visit your agency’s website. Almost 90% of your visitors leave your site without taking any action. A Professional and reliable chat service will increase engagement with your visitors and will increase the number of leads you receive from your website.

“We knew we were missing client leads and employee applicants who would visit our site and look around a bit and leave without taking any action. Once we added AidQuest live chat, we saw an instant increase in applicants and clients looking for positions and care. The AidQuest live agents assist in a better, interactive experience for those visiting our site and have led to an increase in leads. A great program with excellent customer service.

Katie Coleman
Owner/Director, Comfort Keepers of Castle Rock, Glendale, & Boulder, Colorado

More engagement

Increase engagement and number of caregiver applicants. Our human chat agents are trained to engage with potential caregivers and take their initial job application right during the chat.

“AidQuest live chat has been an amazing addition to our website. A website without AidQuest is like having a brick and mortar store without a sales rep to answer questions and help customers. Now we always have someone that can talk with our potential clients and caregivers while they are on our site. AidQuest captures the timely information from visitors, ensuring that we can contact them. Everyone at AidQuest is a pleasure to work with and the program is worth every penny.

Clint Moxey
Owner, Seniors Helping Seniors, Reno NV

Getting started is easy as 1,2,3


Register your agency and give us your basic information.


Receive your agency specific JavaScript code and add it to your website.


The chat button appears on your website and you are ready to go!

Take your agency to new heights with more leads, more customers, more caregivers, and more revenue.

What’s the value of a new client or a caregiver? Leads that convert in the home care industry can have very high value. A single new client can bring an agency about $4,000 per month on average, with a lifetime value of $24,000. Using live-chat to engage with your website visitors can lead to more clients and caregivers.

“Since adding the AidQuest chat feature to our site within just 3 months we had 18 clients and 12 new caregiver quality leads. We were fortunate to have a minimum of a 50% conversion rate from them. Basically, we obtained new clients plus additional staff to care for them which is one of the keys for a home care agency’s growth!”

Gary Vogel Jr.

CEO, The Senior's Choice

Partner with us

Do you own or operate a business that provides services to home care agencies? Partner with us to bring the power of live-chat to your customers and give them a leading edge for growing their agencies.

“We are always looking at new ways to find and hire caregivers and get new client leads. AidQuest’s chat solution is BRILLIANT and the team behind the chat is professional and articulate in dealing with home care inquiries. It’s a BIG plus for prospective clients to get answers to questions round-the-clock.”

Terri Neill

Principal, Senior Assist of the Peninsula, Burlingame, CA

Learn and grow your agency

Download our free eBooks, guides and chapters from our Caring For Millions book which is now available on Amazon to learn about starting and growing a home care agency, home health care industry, marketing, live-chat, search engine optimization and a lot more. Take your agency to new heights!

“The live chat feature that we installed on our site made it easy to capture info for client and caregiver leads who want questions answered but are not open to calling. It’s a great way to instantly connect with hot or warm leads coming to the site. I also liked their communication scripts, since they are Home Care specific, the leads know they are talking with someone knowledgeable”
Justin Currie

Owner, WellSprings Home Care Ltd

Integrate our platform into your existing systems

Bring the power of live-chat engagement to your franchisees and members by partnering with AidQuest. We can work with you to integrate the power of live-chat into your platform so your agency clients and members can take their agencies to new heights by hiring more caregivers and acquiring more clients.

“AidQuest has been an efficient and effective service. We receive weekly client and caregiver leads. In the past 8 months, we have received 94 client and caregiver leads. It is a great comfort knowing that their chat agents are on our site 24-hours, giving prospects the opportunity to reach us at any time.”

Sofia Hanley
Serenity Home Care,
British Columbia, Canada